Kinjac – Possession

When I was a teenager, there were a couple of years when I took a pretty unhealthy interest in the occult. Things like Ouija boards and psychotic possessions both fascinated and terrified me. Impressionable and malleable, I saw weird things. I put it all to the back of my mind.

“These people are consumed with evil spirits”, I was told as I cowered behind a speaking-in-tongues safety net. “Satan, release these people from your grip”, pronounced the Preacher as the congregation frantically offered prayers to their Lord . I kept one eye open to surreptitiously spy on proceedings. Curiosity killed this cat.

If I’m honest, it all still haunts me a bit even though I now suspect that this was little more than an exploitation of poor mental health. 

Though I stopped short of axe attacks, I find much to relate to in this recently released video from Kinjac for his song, Possession. This gnarly grizzle of a tune was first released last year as a single but now gets re-promoted in the build up to the launch later this month of Kinjac’s album, Broken Mirrors. 

Kinjac is the solo project of Michael O’Shea. This song relates to things he experienced whilst living in a (potentially haunted) small house in a woods that he converted to a recording studio. You can almost feel the ghostly chill emit through the fuzz. I am fascinated and terrified once again.

A word of warning – this might not be a video to watch whilst eating your morning toast and strawberry jam.