The Lake District – Framed

Dear Pete,

I received your letter. You really should stop writing to me you know. It does neither of us any good to reflect upon our past times together. I’m sorry that things haven’t worked out for you in the way you hoped. I’m still with Simon. I’m not angered by what you did anymore. 

I listened to the track by Stereoshock and really liked it. I thought it might be appropriate to send you something I’ve heard recently by return. In many ways, this acts as a companion piece to ‘the letter’. It’s got a piano led melody that haunts. It’s cinematic and tells a story through spoken extracts. I hope you like it.

You might think that The Lake District are a band from Cumbria but they’re not. The Lake District is the name used by producer, Trevor Ransom, who’s currently based in Los Angeles. He describes ‘Framed’ like this:

“Framed is best listened to as you think about the last scene in Casablanca.

Though Frank dons a calm face, there is no doubt of the underlying emotion behind his appearance. Framed is about his thoughts as he watches his love walk off into the gray, to get on an airplane and never come back again. It’s about the sweet, now ash tasting memories of times they shared before innocent love was torn apart by the war. It’s about the enveloping emotions of heartache, and hopelessness that threaten to crumple him. And… at the end of it all, it’s about waking up the next day and facing the world, drained of color, but with a belief that one day the color will return.”

That’s surely something that we can both relate to Pete? I can’t begin to express how I felt when you left but I certainly recall the hopelessness and heartache. Simon is a different man to you but the idea that he might one day leave in the way that you did looms large in my head. I have to suppress such thoughts for my own good. 

I wish you well. Please don’t write again. 




Stereoshock – The Letter

Dear Joanne, 

It’s been some time since I sent you a letter. But I wanted you to know that I’m doing just fine. It’s a shame that The Wave Machines haven’t toured recently. I hope that things are still going well between yourself and Simon.

I heard a fantastic tune today when I was consuming new music – you remember how I used to lock myself away in a room to listen to new tracks on the radio? I still do that but modern technology makes it much easier now.

Anyway Joanne – this tune I heard reminded me of us. It’s by a 21 year old composer from New York called Josh Cohen who goes by the stage name of Stereoshock. He describes himself as ‘blending indie-alternative music, with heavily inspired orchestral and cinematic elements.‘ Clearly, he’s someone to watch out for and I felt an overwhelming desire to tell you about it. It really is amazing and I’m sure, given your love of story lyrics, it’s right up your street.

 I’m sure you need no reminding of the day when I walked out on us; I could bear the intensity of what we had no more. I know that I left you in the lurch and I know it took you months to understand why I had to leave. But, now I marvel at the strength you’ve found. I guess that having Simon around helps? 

I wish that I could tell you that my life has turned out for the better – but I don’t think the grass has been any greener. I thought I needed to explore the world but perhaps, in reality, I just needed to explore my head.

We had something beautiful Joanne. I hope you’re well.