New Hands – Strange Attractor

Christmas is coming and so I thought I’d post a new video that makes absolutely no reference to ‘that time’ at all. Bah Humbug. Predictably for this time of year, the weather outside is cold. Perhaps, not as icily cold as it’s been in previous years but it’s still cold. Some might say though that it’s actually freakishly mild.

People with brains much bigger than mine have spent considerable time and energy understanding theories of chaos and random patterns. In its mathematical context, the term ‘strange attractor’ refers to ‘a complex pattern of behaviour within a chaotic system’ – much like the weather.

New Hands are a Canadian band with some roots in West Yorkshire as well. They’ve just released an interesting video/art project to accompany their ‘Strange Attractor’ tune. This video uses a randomised sequence of over 900 GIF files, creating a different video with each single view. I’m drawn to the creativity involved. Brief, unconnected glimpses into the lives of strangers from another time and place.

There’s an industrial 80’s feel to the tune itself. Fans of Depeche Mode will recognise the tone and timbre. New Hands will be releasing their first album in 2015 and it’s one that’s on my list to watch out for.

 Having trouble embedding the video – maybe all of those GIFs are creating havoc and chaos so here it is by link instead..