Mosiah Levi – Angel

There’s something happening in the mean streets of Bury St. Edmunds. Well, that mightn’t be true but there’s definitely something in the Suffolk water. The very cool Mosiah Levi is advancing towards the summer release of his 6 track EP, ‘Headspace’, by teasing us with some fine, laid-back, nu-soul releases. Opening single, Angel, came out at the beginning of March but feels like an ideal fit for Sonic Breakfast to feature on a languid, Bank Holiday Monday.


Yep, we can all partake in the chill pill that Mosiah has produced. The video, simple and yet effective, features Mosiah and a mate at the side of a country road watching the sunset whilst drinking rooibos tea. Their chat is punctuated by the occasional passing of traffic. Drivers of the vehicles must have had a bit of a ‘WTF’ moment if they’d looked to the grass verge where the impromptu picnic was set in stall. Mosiah and his mate seem oblivious though, deep in conversation. 

Maybe they’re taking about good and bad, angels and devils, right and wrong. That’s certainly the overarching theme of ‘Angel’. Mosiah’s deep, soulful voice is apparently racked with guilt in this ballad for getting a relationship all wrong, the error illuminated and amplified by the pure clarity of a gospel choir repeating selected segments of his words. The emotional turmoil boils just under the surface until the concluding guitar solo (from Mosiah’s Dad no less) lets it all out. 

As well as building up to the release of ‘Headspace’, Mosiah’s been putting out some covers onto his YouTube channel. The most recent one, a cover of Abba’s ‘Take A Chance On Me’, removes the pop bounce from the original. This is not a copycat version of the original and helps to give us all a different take on a fine song. It’s exactly what cover versions should be about.

If you have any cover suggestions I’ll see if I can get him to do it (he’s on a country streak atm lol),”, says Mosiah’s PR person by E-mail. I’ll kick of those suggestions with ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’ by Hank Williams. That’d be a dark and dirty winner waiting to happen. 


Horse Party – Shut The Fuck Up!

Yesterday morning, a fanzine that I’d requested dropped through my doorbox. I love a good fanzine and mourn the fact that in this internet laden age where bloggers can bare their souls every minute about things they don’t REALLY like, the art of the fanzine is dying a slow death.

I’m also aware, as a blogger, of the inherent contradiction in that sadness. 

Shut The Fuck Up! Is a fanzine that’s produced out of an angry, young and growing Bury St. Edmunds scene. The fine band, Horse Party, are the main protagonists behind it and you’ll be able to get your own free copy of the fanzine through the charming Seymour at the band’s website. Anybody wearing a Shonen Knife T-shirt in publicity shots has to be charming right? 

I won’t spoil the surprise of what’s contained within. Suffice to say, it’s an angry, humorous, Riot Grrrr! inspired attack on the sexism, racism and homophobia that exists across the media. It’s a manifesto for how Horse Party are going to do things differently. 

“You don’t have to ‘like’ everything; you don’t have to ‘follow’ everyone. And do you really want EVERYONE to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you? In the scrabble for internet popularity, dignity has become an increasingly rare commodity.” – they say and I say in reply that such wisdom should be taught at blogging schools and social media colleges across the world. 

Horse Party’s  debut album, ‘Cover Your Eyes’, is out on Monday, although I think you’ve been able to get a digital format for a little longer than that. It’s described as ‘a harmony of raw, lo-fi expression and liberating rock-your-cares-away hooks.’ There’s certainly enough going on in the tracks I’ve heard from the album to suggest that Suffolk is spawning something special here. I like it but you don’t have to.