Alice Boman – What?

Today, I’ve been thinking about Sweden (a bit). About how I’m often charmed, touched, moved and grabbed by somewhat obscure Swedish pop. 

And then by chance I heard this new track, ‘What’ by Alice Boman. She’s from Malmo.



Boman is listed to play the Green Man festival this year and I don’t doubt that it’ll be one haunting set. Last year, she released her first EP ‘Skisser’ (Sketches). That’s a beautiful and intimate collection of tunes but it’s hard to shake the feeling that you’re surreptitiously opening somebody’s private journal when you’re listening. Boman’s voice floats over the top of a piano that’s given a ghostly, distance in the mix. 

‘What’ is the lead track from her second EP to be released in June. Indications suggest that it’s going to evoke the same tone as ‘Skisser’.

‘Do you ever think about me like I think about you?’ wonders Boman and I’m charmed, touched, moved and grabbed again.