The Native

I’ve lived in Leicester for over ten years now – and have found it a wonderfully welcoming place. I’ve always gone to gigs in this lovely city and have seen many, many great acts over the years. There’s websites that promote the local scene and I’ve no intention of duplicating what they do well but from time to time when I hear a track or see a band that I want to write about then I’ll post details of them here.

I first saw the Native over a year ago – except they weren’t called The Native then. They were simply called Ben and Chloe. Ben’s vocal style reminded me of Coner Oberst. Chloe stood looking nervous waiting to complement on vocals and to accompany on violin. They’ve improved in the year since and this track has been played on Dean Jackson’s BBC Introducing The Beat. Both Ben and Chloe are still in their teens. Ben’s latest song is an ode about narcissism. 

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