Romantic socialists are the best kinds of people

Strangely overwhelmed by the news that Tony Benn has passed away.

I remember drunken days in the Leftfield tent at Glastonbury where it became something of a ritual to hear him speak and shake his hand. When I went on student marches in the late 1980’s it was Tony who spoke, agitated and inspired. 

I learnt today that he proposed to his late wife after knowing her for nine days. That sounds impulsive but my sense is that he simply knew it was right. If only life was that simple…..

 Alan Bush is worth reading about. A quick internet search reveals that he was a ‘romantic socialist’. I think that might be what I am – maybe I’ll even change the name of this blog to reflect. His work is truly lovely, a precursor to Lionel Bart overtures and the stuff Dickens would have produced if he was a musician. Epic.

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