Laurel – To The Hills

I try to be a creature of habit. Every Sunday morning, I’ll get up and do battle with my pile of ironing. I then put a load of washing on and ultimately add to the pile… 

Whilst ironing, I blast random, new tunes through my speakers. There are times when I have to stop ironing because a track knocks me sideways – such was my experience this Sunday with Laurel’s new track, ‘To The Hills’.

I’d been lukewarm to Laurel Arnell-Cullen in previous releases. Whilst others lavished praise on the 19 year old Hampshire Saint, I could only hear another fine mess. Admittedly, previous release ‘Fire Breather’ almost warmed my cockles but I couldn’t shake the certainty that there was something being manufactured here. My cynicism has diminished.

Those looking for lazy comparisons have suggested that there’s more than a dose of Lana Del Ray about Laurel. I’ll grudgingly give them that. But what really grabbed me on Sunday was the 60’s girl group elements of this track. Over the top of a pretty neat orchestral arrangement, Laurel almost sounds like she’s walking on the sand with the Shangri-La’s. 

It’s not perfect. If I was being completely uncharitable, I’d say that the lyrics are an exercise in nonsense. But perhaps this 40 something man is missing the point. The accompanying video, beautifully shot and full of atmosphere, is also ambiguous in intent… 

But it’s better than a pile of ironing.. 

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