Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

Timber Timbre have a new album coming out on Monday. It’s their third on the Toronto based ‘Arts and Crafts’ label and their fifth overall. I need to explore this back catalogue.

In the run up to that release, our senses have been sultrily teased by the title track from the album, ‘Hot Dreams’. It’s a laid back track that demands attention from the opening line. It reminds me of Richard Hawley at his best, minus the Sheffield twang.

I can’t decide if it’s sinister, sexy or both – but it is a track to easily fall in love with. 

“I want to follow through”, pines singer Taylor Kirk and those of us with puerile minds are perhaps distracted, wondering if the unfortunate double-meaning in this lyric is intended. But that’s soon forgotten when the languid saxophone solo takes to the fore and we’re led out to the dance floor for a slow, smooching,embrace.

The accompanying video should come with a health warning – perhaps not one to watch on a train journey. 


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