Band Of Skulls – Nottingham Rock City

I was asked to review Band Of Skulls at Nottingham Rock City for a new website, East Midlands Music. I know that the Band Of Skulls have been around for a good, few years now but they’ve managed to largely pass me by in that time. 

In my opinion, they’re not doing anything that’s earth-shattering but it’s clear that through steady, hard graft and gradual strides they are making an impact. 2000 Trees are no slouches in their festival bookings and I suspect that the fact that they’ve booked Band Of Skulls as a headliner this year is significant. Like Biffy Clyro (and to a degree Foals), here’s a British Rock band ready to gig at a higher level. 

In this age of instant celebrity, one hit wonders and fleeting fame, I guess that such endeavour should be rewarded. 

My review of last nights gig can be found here

Their new album, ‘Himalayan’ comes out on Monday and, just in case you’ve got an appetite for this stuff, here’s the driving lead-single from that release. 


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