Dan Amor – Sister Anne

Let’s head on over to North Wales and relax with this charming dose of romantic wistfulness from Dan Amor, the opening track from his album ‘Rainhill Trials’. That album was released as a digital download a couple of months ago but I’m led to believe things are building up towards a physical release in May. 

On ‘Rainhill Trials’, Dan sings in both Welsh and English. My knowledge of the Welsh language is limited (some would say my knowledge of English is similarly hampered) but it doesn’t affect the yearnful, nostalgic impact that these songs create. “Sister Anne” could be a distant relation of Eleanor Rigby and she might live in the same village as Grocer Jack. 

With poetry as stirring as,  ‘The beaten up old gate in red cracked paint / distant lights that flicker out to sea / windswept promenades, adorning old postcards / Birdsong, braying dogs and bumblebees’, this is a song that the Lilac Time could have recorded. 



 For those who are having an extra croissant this morning, here’s the digital download of ‘Rainhill Trials’. Don’t you just love Dan Amor? 


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