Son Little – Your love will blow me away when my heart aches

“When my heart aches I’m drowning, pain won’t go away”, rasps Son Little in the opening line of his new tune. The listener is left in no doubt that this is a man who’s in one mightily dark place. He’s got the blues to beat all blues and he wants us to know about his gut-wrenching anguish. 

This timeless track works with the sparsest of arrangements. A single drum fires like a gun to the head; a guitar twangs reluctantly and a chorus of ghostly angels sing fragments of gospel but offer little relief or release. The soulful voice of Son takes centre stage.

Son Little was born Aaron Livingston. Before hitting the depths of despair with this tune, he’s appeared with The Roots and RJD2 so he’s clearly a vocalist with pedigree.  It is pure chance that the video that accompanies this tune has things in common with the Timber Timbre video I posted last week. Honest.. 

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