George Bennett – Calling You

I bet we’ve all been there? Sat in a pub or dancing in a nightclub (I just about recall those days) and you bump into somebody that you know. You’ve been keen on them for some time but would never confess to such feelings for fear of rejection. There’s an awkward chat, populated with pauses. You’re wondering if the interest might be shared back but you’re rubbish at picking up the signs. So you mumble clumsily, amble away and wonder how shyness can ever be nice… 

This (I think) is where George Bennett is at in his track, “Calling You”. He’s walking home, regretting not making that move, wondering if the moment is gone and whether it’s too late to call. 

My guess is, in this instance, that it’s probably not. 

There’s not a great deal of information on the web that I can find about young George. BBC Introducing in Sheffield have played this track which probably places him somewhere in the Steel city. I’ve just become his 18th follower on Twitter. I think he might also sing in a classy soul/funk band called The Tempertons.

What we do know though is that “Calling you” is an effective exercise in R&B simplicity. A sweet vocal that stays the right side of falsetto and some glitchy background vocals that sound like they are recorded over the very phone line that George wonders if he should be using. 

I can’t wait for the next instalment. What happened when George chickened out and sent a text instead? 


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