Coronation Ball – God Be Careful

I once spent a safe, Spring morning walking around Tunbridge Wells. I picked up a town guide from the tourist information office and followed the route within. The Georgian houses were pretty remarkable. There were a lot of trees. A dog chased after me in one of the many green spaces. I stood my ground and growled back at the dog. It wasn’t a dangerous breed. 

To the best of my knowledge, I didn’t bump into any of the members of Coronation Ball on that morning in Tunbridge Wells. But I could have. For that is where this new, colourful pop band, who have just added a second track, God Be Careful, to Soundcloud hail from. 

This is a tune that’s made for these bright spring days. “Today is mine and tomorrow too“, sings frontman Dominic Scott. It’s an uplifting, optimistic message that’s amplified by a melody with bounce. Amidst fiddles, harmonies and energetic drumming, we’re urged to rebel in whatever devilish way we like as long as we’re careful doing it. Thanks Mum. 

At times, Coronation Ball sound a bit too Keane-like for comfort. But, ultimately this is a tune that refuses to be pinned down by references. It’s a safe, Spring song to make you smile. And that’s good enough for me. 



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