Oxford Drama – Asleep/Awake

It is night. I’m lying in the dark. Tired, wide awake and cursing that extra evening coffee, a tune quietly disturbs from my music player. “Half asleep and half awake, nothing replaces you“, sings a saintly voice over the top of a hymnal keyboard hum. I’m hooked and pick up my pad to find out more, just as a chilled, shuddering beat kicks in.

Somewhat surprisingly, Oxford Drama are not from Oxford but a duo from Wroclaw, Poland. This wonderful tune is the lead track on an EP that’s been added to soundcloud this week. As the song progresses, we learn more about what is keeping Malgorzata up. She’s got choices to make; she might be waiting for a lover to return from a night out; perhaps that lover is never coming back. 

Oxford Drama say that they’re heavily influenced by Madchester sounds. They quote Morrisey as an influence. But, I’m not getting The Smiths or The Stone Roses from this. No, this is the song that Morcheeba often threatened to write but never quite did. 

My eyes close and I drift into dreamland, calmed by something beautiful but ambiguous.


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