Movie. – Ads

Let’s play a google game? In this game, you have to come up with a band name that it’s nigh on impossible to find via an internet search. If Tom Verlaine hadn’t got in there first ‘Television’ would be a great candidate. Calling your band ‘The BBC’ might be similarly wilful. Perhaps you could call yourselves ‘porn’, ‘dating site’ or ‘classical? Would it be too arrogant to simply call your band ‘music’?

I find myself wondering if ‘Movie.’, a new band from London, were playing this very game when they came up with their name. And then decided to add to the search complexities by calling their first single, ‘Ads’. Just because they can.

Fortunately for Movie., they appear to be well connected. Friends in high places appear to have taken them under their wings and so this tune doesn’t look like it’s going to get lost amidst the IMDB. The first release on Skelly Records, an offshoot of the blog, Skeletory, this is no rotten tomato.

Indeed, Ads is one of those tunes that gets under your skin. It’s bouncy, happy, shiny pop that could make you look great on the dance floor. “If you really love me, why do I feel so lousy?” asks the singer in a studied concession to self-pity. Neon lights and mosquito bites simply compound his problems. This is disco glam pink punk with a Britpop shot that demands to be played at barbecues beneath billboards. 

 I have a winner in the ‘google game’. Tomorrow, I am forming a band called ‘Google’. Our first single ‘Yahoo’ is a surefire hit. 

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