A long, hard (but brilliant) Summer

This post comes with apologies. 

When I last posted to Sonic Breakfast three months ago, I had no idea that it would be my last post of the Summer. 

But, reviewing a festival every weekend for eFestivals whilst trying to maintain the day job meant that something had to give.

You just need to read my BoomTown fair review to get a glimpse into the way my world has been.  

I’ve missed updating Sonic Breakfast daily; unearthing new bands and new tracks that have meant something. I’ve also received quite a few E-mails from bands, artists and PR companies still keen to push their wares through this site…,

And so, the time comes to relaunch Sonic Breakfast…. From Monday 15th September, this blog is heading back to daily updates. As ever, if you think you have something that’ll grace this page then send me the details at sean@sonicbreakfast.com

With love, 


One thought on “A long, hard (but brilliant) Summer

  1. Excellent news. I’ve missed my Sonic Breakfast. I share your musical selections with my Form (I teach..) and you’ve certainly opened their eyes/ ears to a wider musical world. Nice to have you back for the new term!
    Miss Bray and Form CSBR

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