Melanie De Biasio – The Flow

Back from Wychwood – apologies for the lack of posts whilst I’ve been away. I take my I-pad with best intentions but then invariably something else gets in the way.

Perhaps you have heard of today’s act I’m featuring? Melanie De Biasio has been getting profile in posh papers and reviewed on Radio 2 for she is a classy chanteuse.


She (and her talented band) evoke jazz so loungey it strays into trip-hop. What a voice. Classed in her native Belgium as their answer to Billie Holliday and you can see why in this track ‘The Flow’ from her wonderful album, ‘No Deal’.

The wise and the connected have already taken to her in droves it would seem. For a headline set that’s been announced as part of James Lavelle’s Meltdown festival at the South Bank has sold out. There’s other chance to catch Melanie when she supports ‘Eels’ across Europe later this year. How good would seeing her be at the Royal Albert Hall? On initial observations, she seems an unlikely choice of support for Mark E Everitt but then you consider that, like with Eels, this is late-night smoke filled, cafe-culture, soul-baring music.


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