Lucy Kitchen – Autumn

I’m still coming to terms with the summer. It might well rank as one of the most perfect I’ve ever lived. 

One of the best festivals I went to was Lunar. My review can be found here. You couldn’t get away from the Nick Drake influence. I’m still not sure that cracking open a can of cider at the Tanworth-In-Arden graveyard will get me into heaven.

Autumn feels like it’s pretty much here to stay – until next year. 

When I was out and about gallivanting, dedicated musicians were sending E-mails to the Sonic Breakfast inbox. Lucy Kitchen was one of those. Yesterday morning I was lying in bed. I didn’t get up until it was afternoon. It felt so wrong and decadent. I felt better about myself when I reflected that this was my first full weekend at home since Spring. I listened to my E-mail back log. I read Lucy’s E-mail.

Oh Lucy! Autumn captures the moment. If Nick Drake was still alive, he’d be raving about you. He’d be wanting to sing duets.

Lucy Kitchen doesn’t just do songs about seasons though. Her 2014 album, Waking, is a stunner. This is the gentle folk sound of Southampton. It’s hauntingly direct; pointed and poignant. Lucy’s released a video to Blue Eyes that I’m also posting here. 

As summer turns into Autumn, I’m detecting an increased interest in the music of Lucy Kitchen. Sit back in your Sunday armchair and let this wash over you, 

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