Dylan Seeger – Claye/Weird

Sometimes, the craft, creativity, determination and sheer persistence of those making music astounds me. This is absolutely the case with Dylan Seeger. If there was any justice in the world those who hold positions of power would be falling over themselves to declare that they’ve found a new star.

New Yorker, Dylan Seeger (I checked – that is his real name) launched his new album, Claye, at the start of September. It deserves to now be resting on every coffee table in this land. At the very least, Dylan should be a name on every bloggers brow. Let’s hope, for the sake of sanity, that this is simply a slow burn. As of yet, it doesn’t seem to have had the impact that such a stunning release deserves.

Dylan told me about some of the production methods and ethics that went into creating Claye –

” I did everything myself in my apartment, from the recording, to the production, the video, the artwork, the website. Everything was a very personal, long-term project. I worked 70+ hours a week (before and after my day job) for over two years writing every song, recording every sound, all of that. The percussion you hear on Weird, and throughout a lot of the album, was recorded pretty untraditionally. The bass drum in Weird is actually me hitting a table, the bell is me flicking a metal water bottle that I always had with me while recording. There’s a ton of layering all throughout the album.”

It’s this layering that impresses. Each listen is currently revealing something new, hidden and exciting for me. It’s not just the recording methods that are unique and creative either. In an effort to get back to a proper, vinyl listening experience, Dylan launched ‘Claye’ as a web LP.

Artwork for each song – something to look at when pondering the impact that each tune is having on you. I wonder how successful this approach will be? But, you can’t fault the man for trying.

For those convinced enough to jump into the full album, it’s here. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Alternatively, see if you can pick out other items of furniture that are being bashed whilst watching the video to ‘Weird’, the lead single from ‘Claye’.


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