Elvis Costello – My Funny Valentine

One of the first singles that I ever ‘owned’ was Elvis Costello’s ‘Oliver’s Army’. I wasn’t yet nine years old but I played it so much that I wore out the grooves on the vinyl. I sat in my bedroom and loved it. I tried to transcribe the words from it onto computer print-out waste paper that my Dad recycled from work. I missed the political nuances and called ‘Johannesburg’ Joanne’s bird.

My Dad bought it for me on the day that my younger brother, James, was born. I was transcribing the words so that I could give them to James as a ‘welcome to the world’ present, I’ve always been a bit odd.

On the B-side of the vinyl was Elvis Costello’s version of My Funny Valentine. Picture me, six months after getting the seven inch, in a village hall asking the DJ if he could play the B side of ‘Olivers Army’. It was Michelle’s birthday and I thought she might be impressed by my obtuse and slightly obscure take on music.

I’m still that eight year old boy.

Happy Valentines Day.. Sean x


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