Fickle Friends & Clean Cut Kid – O2 Academy Leicester – February 7th & other stuff

It’s been quite a week. Some regular readers of Sonic Breakfast will know that the lack of blog posts over the past week has not been due to laziness on my part. 

Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival is running and I’ve committed to a pretty hefty amount of show reviews for the Leicester Mercury. To date, 5 of my comedy reviews have gone to print.  There’s links to them here.. 

(1) George Egg at the Western

(2) Bruce Edhouse at the Cookie

(3) Ian Hall at the Cookie

(4) Ed Aczel at the Criterion

(5) Sarah Kendall at the Cookie

On Sunday night, I took a break from the laughs to go and see Fickle Friends and Clean Cut Kid at the O2 academy (Mercury review here). I last saw Fickle Friends at Liverpool Sound City a couple of years back. That was towards the end of a long, crazy day of live music and I might have been a bit jaded then. They were better on Sunday.

Clean Cut Kid clearly have quite a bit of backing behind them. I think I could see why. But my motivation for wanting to see them was a bit different. My younger brother, James, told me recently that him and his wife, Saf, had once had members of Clean Cut Kid around to their house for dinner. James and Saf are fine, sensible people and the thought of them having a rock n’roll band around for dinner felt a little odd.


It still does feels odd. Clean Cut Kid swore on stage, had masses of facial hair and wanted us to dance like our lives depended upon it. 

Sometimes though (and this is a theme that’s been repeated time and time again in the comedy shows I’ve seen), things aren’t always worth trying to understand too much.



Elvis Costello – My Funny Valentine

One of the first singles that I ever ‘owned’ was Elvis Costello’s ‘Oliver’s Army’. I wasn’t yet nine years old but I played it so much that I wore out the grooves on the vinyl. I sat in my bedroom and loved it. I tried to transcribe the words from it onto computer print-out waste paper that my Dad recycled from work. I missed the political nuances and called ‘Johannesburg’ Joanne’s bird.

My Dad bought it for me on the day that my younger brother, James, was born. I was transcribing the words so that I could give them to James as a ‘welcome to the world’ present, I’ve always been a bit odd.

On the B-side of the vinyl was Elvis Costello’s version of My Funny Valentine. Picture me, six months after getting the seven inch, in a village hall asking the DJ if he could play the B side of ‘Olivers Army’. It was Michelle’s birthday and I thought she might be impressed by my obtuse and slightly obscure take on music.

I’m still that eight year old boy.

Happy Valentines Day.. Sean x