Dayflower – Sweetheart & Genie

DayflowersEspecially in moist shady places, they spread easily by cuttings and seed and by rooting of their prostrate stems. As the common name implies, the flowers fade quickly.

I’ve mentioned before on Sonic Breakfast how much I enjoy spending weekend time immersing myself in the Fresh On The Net listening post. 25 or so songs selected each week which the listener (you or I) can then shortlist into five picks. 

To my shame, that was when dayflower first registered on my radar. It was my first time introducing FOTN to Amber and we both agreed that there was something hauntingly simple, excessively charming and utterly complex about their track, Sweetheart. I really should have clocked them before that. The singers voice did sound incredibly familiar!



It was a surprise to receive a Facebook message later that day from Dave Dhonau, a member of dayflower. I had no idea that this charming eccentric fizzball, a man with whom it’s always a pleasure to have a pint with, such is his conversational vibrancy, was a key part of dayflower. I had no idea that this was a band from my home city of Leicester. I had no idea that I’d been rating misfits (and I’m using that term positively) from the local scene earlier that day. 

In so many ways though, dayflower have already transcended anything ‘local’. They might be based in this fine, moist shady place but already their focus on gigs spans beyond the city walls. Take the recent video that’s been produced for their song, Genie. It’s a charming short film made by Gwendolyn Rooker, a friend of Dave Dhonau’s from Philadephia. It’s perfect viewing for a track that glistens.

Dave says about Gwen, ” she is truly multi talented. A brilliantly creative soul. actress. Performance. artist. Clown. Puppet maker. Musician.” He adds, “I’m glad to say she has been my friend ever since we watched ‘Withnail & I’ on a rooftop in New York in 1998. Although she has the voice of a woman one could imagine thrashing David Byrne on the pool table in CBGB’s or battle rapping Patti Smith over the last chocolate chip cookie in 1978. A surprising and sweet and curious wonderful human.”

The flowers on this particular dayflower are showing no signs of fading fast. 


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