We’ll meet again

I really should stop taking these long breaks from blogging. I start to build up a bit of an audience and then, out of the blue, I post nothing for months. Such is the fickle, transient nature of this world that people will soon lose their Sonic Breakfast habit. 

I’ve been busy you know. I threw myself into a relationship that ultimately didn’t work out. I’ve been to festivals. I’ve fulfilled a bucket list wish and been to a Eurovision. I’ve been writing some gig reviews for the Leicester Mercury. 

In lazy list fashion, here are some links which’ll give insight to my last couple of months… 

(1) The Great Escape, Brighton

(2) Chas And Dave, Leicester

(3) Lunar Festival, Tanworth In Arden

(4) Sonar, Barcelona

My Sonic Breakfast mailbox now stands at 808 unread mails. 808 feels like a good number at which I begin this cycle of regular blog writing once again. I’ve got lots of music to recommend. I hope you’re still with me on this adventure. 


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