Correatown – Longshot

Loving this new tune from Correatown that I’ve been sent. 

LONGSHOT (idiomatic, nautical) Something unlikely; something that has little chance of happening or working. The term arose from the accuracy of early ship guns, which were effective only at close range and unlikely to hit the mark at any great distance.

Funny how words such as ‘longshot’ have stayed with us long after the technology that gave birth to the word have hit the scrapyard. 

A musician’s life is tough. I sense that, in this tune, Angela Correa, the main catalyst behind Correatown, is pondering her very essence as a creative sort. She’s wrestling with the general futility of her craft when she sings “Is it better than nothing if I’m hardly paid? Friends all think that I’ve got it made.” She’s realising that despite the happy, endearing, melodic pop bounce that coats this tune, there’s limited chance of hitting the target, whatever that target might be.

But I’m begging to differ. ‘Longshot’ is the first track I’ve heard by Correatown. It’s the first track to be released from a new album, ‘Embrace The Fuzzy Unknown’, which comes out at the end of November. This is Angela’s 4th album so I can dip into her back catalogue whilst waiting. I’m looking forward to hearing more of Correa’s dreampop vision. 

And I’m sure that many others will have their ears tugged in a similar fashion.



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