Dusty Stray – Turn Me Around

Normal service will resume on Sonic Breakfast next week. For now, the comedy festival still runs in Leicester and I continue to get reviews of shows published in the Leicester Mercury. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, pages 20 and 21 were pretty much taken up with my reviews. 

A quick diversion from comedy stuff though. It’s barely a month since I featured Dusty Stray on Sonic Breakfast (article here) and, although there are no rules for this site, I rarely post about an act for a second time so soon after the first. 

But Jonathan got in touch with me yesterday. He’s now moved from Amsterdam back to the States and wanted to let me know about this new video for one of the stand-out tracks from his last album. 

If you do little else today, then do watch this. As a plate spins around, a world of computer generated animation is created. It might be cartoon based but you can’t help but empathise with the main character as he deals with his grief and loss. It’s a beautiful, tender and moving song and the video amplifies its power. 

A welcome break from the battering of comedy.  


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