Stealth – I don’t need your love

A few weeks ago now, I published a blog post (here) about Stealth from Birmingham. He’s just released a video for one of the songs that I previously featured as a soundcloud link.  ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ is a cracker.

Time might be limited this week to search for new music but that doesn’t mean that I can’t bring you the tried and tested. We get a new angle on the tune from these visuals. Various people mouth along to the lyrics from the ‘comforts’ of a group therapy session. 

About the video, Stealth says, “I wanted to move away from the standard love theme, and focus on the parallels between ‘breaking up’ a relationship and ‘breaking up’ with a substance or addiction… ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ is about a fresh start and realising that the situation you’re currently in isn’t working.”

Can’t say fairer than that. Mine’s a glass of Pinot Grigio..





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