Louis Barabbas – Gentle Songs Of Ceaseless Horror

Next Tuesday, I am very much looking forward to seeing Louis Barabbas live at the Musician in Leicester. Regular readers of Sonic Breakfast might recall that it was Louis who invited me to a Snowapple gig last year (details here) that I managed to miss through an almighty diary malfunction. 

Such a monumental fuck up will not be happening next Wednesday (ha ha).

If I were a musician, I think I’d want to release records on Louis’ label, Debt Records. The quality of the output always seems pretty special to me but it’s also badged with a collective spirit and seemingly sage advice from the man himself. I’ve never quite met Louis but I get the sense he’s genuine in his desire to support other musicians. I put forward his role with the Musician’s Union, his appearance on industry panels and his moderating involvement in Fresh On The Net’s Listening Post as evidence.

When I say that I’ve never quite met Louis it’s true. A few years ago at the fine Musicport festival in Whitby (review here), I arrived after a long Friday evening drive, just as the set with his band, The Bedlam Six, drew to a close. I enjoyed the energy on display. At Boomtown last year (review here), I must have been sleeping when Louis took to a stage. 

Louis has a new album coming out this Friday, ‘Gentle Songs Of Ceaseless Horror’. He’s surprised at the departure from previous snarly and shouty ‘dirt-swing’ offers. This is a more relaxed affair that calls upon the ghosts of Nick Drake and Lionel Bart. It’s fucking ace, rather fabulous, brilliantly beautiful. 

Take a chance on me.


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