HelloLisa – Lilo And John Wayne

One of the lovely things about writing this blog is how one post can lead you to another; you can never be quite sure of the impact (or not) of anything you write so it’s always a fine thing when a band or an artist gets in touch and says, “I enjoyed what you wrote about ‘x’ and I’d really like it if you’d consider writing about ‘y'”.

Sometimes, this can be awkward if ‘y’ offer little of interest but, mostly that’s not the case.

This is how I was introduced to HelloLisa, a wonderful band from Collioure.

A couple of weeks ago, I told tales about camping holidays gone wrong (here). From Perpignan, we took a day trip to Collioure. It wasn’t far but we chose to travel on an insanely hot day. Amidst artists, a royal castle, whitewashed walls and anchovies, my son Ollie (who would have been about six years old at this time) almost fainted in the extreme heat. I hailed a taxi and cut short our trip. Some things stick in your mind forever. The beautifully cool space of that air-conditioned cab seemed to have remarkable restorative powers for my sickly son. I paid the driver a handsome Hansom tip. 

HelloLisa appear to occupy a beautifully cool space in terms of the music they offer. It’s a happy potion of remarkable, restorative powers. Their elixir is a fuzzy, sparkling pop for those of us who like to dance awkwardly. On latest single, Lilo and John Wayne, this septet allow shimmering guitar riffs to build over muted male and female vocals before horns join for an all-out assault on our smiles. It’s no wonder that this lead track from their forthcoming album, Laughter, Drinks and Jiving Along, is turning celebrity heads around the globe.

I’m reliably told that these celebrity endorsements will lead to some interesting festival slots later this year and I’m hopeful that I might be able to stumble across HelloLisa at those festivals for some laughing, drinking and dancing. 

Watch this space. 

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