Wanderwild – Misty Morning

Misty Morning is a song that’s about the cyclical nature of life, using season as a metaphor for change, process, and personal progress’ – Matt Martin a.k.a. Wanderwild.

In the run up to the launch of his fine EP, Fleeting, Wanderwild has teased us with the release of three videos. They’re all of interest but my favourite is this one for ‘Misty Morning’. 

Perhaps, it caught me at the right time of the year? There’s definitely a transition in place as we progress from the dark days of the winter into more positive seasons. As I sit on a train heading into work, after a glorious Easter weekend spent mooching and pottering in London, I can’t help but think that change is coming. 

The sky is mostly blue with fragments of magic-carpet like cloud wafting in and out of view. It’s a fine sight and I’m happy to see it. The cold and the cough that has lingered throughout March seems to be finally passing. Maybe we’ve seen our last storm for a while? 

Better make the most of it. Before we know it, Autumn will once again be here and the trees will have lost the leaves that are now shooting. 



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