King No-One – Alcatraz

Sometimes, when it’s so wintry and freezing outside, the only way to cheer yourself up is with a chunky slab of colourful pop. Such delectations are unquestionably ‘escapist in the extreme’ but I’m alright with that if you are?

And if the tune you’re using to escape with should be called ‘Alcatraz’ then all the better right? For, in cultural folklore (and also in reality), Alcatraz was the prison island that it was nigh-on impossible to escape from. Nestled in the San Francisco Bay, it’s up there with Folsom in a list of unlikely pointless answers in a category of ‘famous American penitentiaries’.

I’ve only just learnt that the name ‘Alcatraz’ or ‘Alcatraces’ means ‘Pelicans’ in Spanish. Once, before it was developed, Alcatraz was an island full to brimming with the bird. But the California Brown Pelican now nests in other places. 

King No-One are from York. They’ve been releasing a fine series of 1980’s influenced happy and melodic pop in 2016. With ‘Alcatraz’, they’ve arguably delivered their best yet. The video, full of glittery face-paint and derivative tendencies, can surely not fail to raise a smile in the coldest of hearts. 

Stick on your headphones or play this loud on your drive to work. It’s even possible to sing along should the mood so take you. 

Music to escape with.  


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