My name is Sean Tizzle


Sean Tizzle’s real name is Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele. Judging from youtube views and social media presence, he has a hot career that is simply getting bigger and better. Some of Morihanfen’s videos have millions of views. They all come from an upbeat party sort of space. Most of them, to my incredible amusement, give ‘me’ a random sort of namecheck. 

I think that Sean Tizzard and Sean Tizzle would get on. Those who know me might argue that I’d be a bit too gangster for the other Sean but truth is I’m really a pussy cat. I might have retired from performing years ago but I could make an exception here. Yep, any marketing man worth his salt should approve of this marriage.

Would anybody care to write a duet for me and Sean Tizzle? 




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