Nikki Pope – A preview

 That’s exactly how it was when Nikki Pope got in touch. Nikki grew up in Leicestershire but has, for a few years now, been seeking fame and fortune, with a decent amount of success, in New York. 

 Nikki’s been back in the UK for the last month. It might have been her first Christmas with family in four years but she’s hardly been using this time as a holiday. Her second EP, Karma De Javu, is being released on January 28th and to promote that she’s had all sorts of radio airplay and newspaper interviews. More than that, I’m sure she’ll be working hard to get her first ever gig in Leicester just right. Taking place at Firebug this coming Friday, it’s something that is both making her nervous and filling her with excitement.

 To some degree, a Firebug gig on a Friday does seem an odd choice for a performer such as Nikki. That’s no criticism but Leicester is a notoriously hard gigging nut to crack and Firebug has a decent capacity. Add into this mix that Firebug tends to specialise in hardcore post-rock bands and Nikki’s glorious yet radio-friendly ballsy pop does seem to be an odd sort of venture. 

 But, I’m drawn to people who take risks. Nikki’s got steadfast belief in her own ability and it’s not misplaced. She’s got a powerful voice that’s really able to belt out a tune and both of her EP’s (I’ve had a sneak listen to the new one on Soundcloud) show she writes quality tunes that have the potential to lodge themselves in your head.  I’ll be there on Friday because, frankly, I want to see more of this quality pop on our streets. 

 And I’m overdue a beer with Jono. 










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