Pilgrim Speakeasy – Plan D

Roger Roge, initially from Scotland, is an old school troubadour. Quite how he’s ended up a few hundred kilometres from the Arctic Circle in Finland is anybody’s guess. He’s certainly not telling. But I guess that when your music can generate the heat, warmth and energy of Pilgrim Speakeasy, you can begin to overlook the fact that the temperature is -30c. It’s hardly surprising that much of the recording is carried out in a sauna. 

Pilgrim Speakeasy released a new album in July last year. Freak Deco certainly can work during BBQ season but I think I prefer it right now whilst I wrestle with my duvet and try to convince myself to face the freezing cold day ahead. It’s a musical equivalent of whisky hipflask; a more fundamental and organic Bran Van 3000.

Try ‘Plan D’ from that album, a collaboration which includes world music legend, Sakari Kukko of Piirpauke, and see if it doesn’t give a boost to your own internal central heating. 


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