Little Comets – Common Things

I get a sense that I’ve got a fair bit of catching up to do with Little Comets. They’re a band that have been there or thereabouts on my radar for a little while but I’ve not knowingly listened to any of their stuff until this fine video for ‘Common Things’ surfaced in my mailbox. 

Indeed, a quick search for the band reveals that I was first sent details about them years back. And oddly, that was from a PR agency based in New York, even though the band hail from the North East of England.  I never did listen to the Sanguine EP or take up the offer of an interview. It’s my loss. 

‘Common Things’ is taken from the fourth album from Little Comets. Regular readers of Sonic Breakfast will know that I’m a sucker for a great lyric. This tune immediately grabs by effortlessly rhyming coldsore and Walsall. There’s a perky, ubiquitous humour on show here and a love of geographical reference. What is not to like? 

But there’s more than just a sweet lyric on display. This is a left-of-centre pop belter. On the evidence of this tune, Little Comets are putting the more obscure garments of Alt-J and Everything Everything into their tumble dryer and coming out with something accessible, soft to the touch and yet far from obvious. 

Aside from anything else, and perhaps most importantly, this makes me smile. And smiling is enough today in Leicester. 


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