Fira B! Sweet Poo Smell – Grumpy Old Bastard

 Last night got a bit wayward and drunken. I have similar high hopes for tonight. I also saw some fine bands and became convinced that festival promoters and booking agents worth their salt could do far worse than look towards this city when trying to source bands to fill their line-ups. 

 My favourite stage was  ‘Ses Voltes’. Wonderfully nestled beneath Palma’s stunning cathedral, it’s a fine place to watch some of this isles best talent whilst sampling local beer. Most of the acts I saw had odd charms and quirky graces. Some tried too hard to be like their influences whilst others simply used their favourite bands as a template from which to explore their own creativity. 

 I think that’s why I liked Sweet Poo Smell so much. This was indie jangle reminiscent of the best ‘Sarah records’ releases from years ago. Some purists might claim that they weren’t always ‘tight’ musically but I think the waywardness added to their charms. This was folky sixties punk with a mandolin and no drummer. No song lasted much longer than a couple of minutes and it didn’t need to because the point had already been made by then. 

 I loved it. I hope that Sonic Breakfast readers will agree. 




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