Fira B! Sweet Poo Smell – Grumpy Old Bastard

Today, Sonic Breakfast starts again in earnest. The long, wet summer is nearly done. 

 It was a noble aim to cut back on reviewing British festivals but those spare weekends at home twiddling my thumbs became so dull – thus, pretty much every weekend this summer was consumed under canvas. In time, I’ll link back to those reviews for EFestivals.

 The number of unread Sonic Breakfast E-mails rose. I hope nobody thinks I’ve been rude. I did spot one particularly interesting mail though. 

 ‘Dear Sean‘, it probably didn’t say. ‘We’d love you to come to Palma-Mallorca to watch some bands. We’ll put you up in a hotel on the edge of town that you’ll struggle to find at night after a few too many beers. We’d love it if you had lunch on us as well.’

 I would have been foolish to turn down such an appealing offer from the Balearic Islands’ cultural ministry. I was able to get some annual leave from my day job and I now write this whilst sipping a cocktail at the side of a pool. (Some of these words are not true.)

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The Good Graces – Before You Go

Long term relationships are complicated. I suspect that to ‘do’ them successfully you need to find beauty in the mundane and the routine. For many couples that I observe, those patterns that form over time (the ‘doing the washing up’ together moments) become central to their happiness.

That’s why this song by The Good Graces from Atlanta is so utterly charming. Love isn’t all about buying flowers and shagging all night on a rug in front of a fire whilst toasting marshmallows (though I’m sure this does no harm either). For lead singer and main songwriter, Kim Ware, it’s much more about taking the bins out.  

 The Good Graces describe themselves as providing ‘minimalist, catchy folk pop of heartbreak and hope.’ They’ve been going since 2007 and have a few, tender and lo-fi records to their name. Initial album, ‘Sunset over Saxapahaw’ has been labelled a post-divorce record which a quick listen on Spotify confirms. ‘Before You Go’ comes (I think) from a much happier place with Kim now able to appreciate the minutiae that leads to happy relations. 

I’ve got a general weakness for the twee and I spent a good few years in Bristol appreciating ‘Sarah Records’ so it’s no surprise that The Good Graces are floating my Sunday morning boat.