Pollyn – Findaway (featuring Alexis Taylor)

It’s an odd feeling when you get to my age and you ‘discover’ a band you instinctively love. New to you, this is a band that has a body of work tracing back to the turn of the century. 

For, on the one hand, you know that you will simply feel compelled to immerse yourself in their catalogue of releases. You’ll feast and gorge on their output with gluttonous endeavour. You’ll try hard to ration yourself and avoid overdosing but you know that’s not your style. It’s the aural equivalent of an excellent TV boxset that’s released on Netflix in one serving. 

The feeling of joy about your new find is tempered with the sense that your ‘already too cluttered life’ is about to become even more distracted. 

Such is the way I’m currently feeling about Pollyn. 


(Click on page 2 to find out more about Pollyn

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