Pollyn – Findaway (featuring Alexis Taylor)

The PR guy who sent me the link wasn’t to know. He probably assumed that any self-respecting music journalist would have Pollyn on their radar. After all, it’s not as if they haven’t gathered critical acclaim in their 14 years of existence. The ever-so-cool ‘Hot Chip’ chaps have been raving about them for years. 

But, truth is, I’m probably not alone. It’s a fact acknowledged by Adam Jay Weissman, beat maker/producer with Pollyn, in the commentary that accompanies the release of a 3 disc retrospective anthology, ‘Here Lies Pollyn 2003-2016’. Adam says, “We spent a lot of time working on Pollyn and not as much time promoting it, so a lot of our music has been overlooked. Self-releasing our own music made it tough to have the reach we wanted.”

 It looks like the three members of Pollyn might now be heading off in separate directions and pursuing new musical pies. Genevieve Artadi’s vocals have certainly been seeing the light on other projects including her own solo work. 

 Looking on the bright side, I suppose that discovering a band once they’ve split up has some benefits. I might never get to see them play live but at least I won’t be playing catch-up forever. 

 Apparently as a farewell statement, Pollyn released the single ‘Findaway’ which features Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip. It’s meaningful electronica that perfectly captures the optimism that comes from thoughts of escape. I could find a way to run away all day to this stunning tune. Enjoy.


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