Courtney Farren – Hard To Tell

“Out of all the songs on this record, Hard to Tell is my favourite for a few reasons. The main reason being that I so vividly remember the time and place I wrote it. I was in my friend’s apartment in Woodside, Queens, and it was around 4 in the morning. And the imagery in the song is so literally what I was feeling and doing. So maybe I didn’t actually put a tape of snoring on to wake up to (maybe I did), but the sentiment of all of the scenarios I describe in the song rang so true to how I was feeling that night,” says Courtney.

I have a theory that some of the best songs about loss, reflection and heartbreak are written in the dark of night when everyone else is dreaming of sunshine (or having nightmares). As of yet, it’s a theory that’s largely untested. 

Anyway, remember back at the start of this year when Sonic Breakfast got excited about a track from American Anymen (here). Brett from that band shot the atmospherically appropriate video for Hard To Tell. It seems that Courtney and Brett are mates in New York. They’re touring together and supporting each other in making fine creative contributions to the New York scene. I make that promise to myself again that it’s a city I will get to one day in the near future. 

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