Buckwheat Zydeco

In an occasional Sonic Breakfast feature, I’ll head outside of my mailbox for inspiration. The PR companies can take a rest for I have a new way of finding music to feature; the random search. 

The idea – I use one of the many random word generators online to come up with a random word or words. I then use a Spotify search to see what songs or artists are listed when searching for that word.

I played the game and got ‘buckwheat’. I’d heard of Buckwheat Zydeco before but I confess I didn’t know much more. The internet is such an rich resource tool and I set about exploring. I’m glad I did. 

First stop – The Guardian obituary page (here) in September 2016:-

“The singer, accordionist, keyboard player and bandleader Stanley “Buckwheat” Dural Jr, who has died aged 68 from cancer, was a cultural ambassador for zydeco, the traditional dance and party music of black southern Louisiana. He was the first zydeco musician to be signed by a major record company, his albums were nominated for Grammy awards, his songs were heard on movie soundtracks and in television ads, he played at festivals in the US and Europe, and he opened shows for Eric Clapton and U2.”

68 is no age to die. We can all agree on that and lung cancer is an indiscriminate bitch. I watch some Buckwheat Zydeco videos and get carried away in the happy feeling they produce. The online obituaries all say largely the same things. I search for three Buckwheat things elsewhere on the web that might interest Sonic Breakfast readers. 

(Click on page 2 for those 3 things of interest)

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