Buckwheat Zydeco


(1) Buckwheat Zydeco had his own YouTube channel. Imaginatively called Buckwheat’s World it brings a unique inside view of southwest Louisiana’s culture. The channel features short video episodes showcasing Buckwheat Zydeco in live performances, and entertaining and intimate personal mini-documentaries. There are 33 little vignettes. I’ve yet to watch them all but will make an effort to do so over the next weeks. 



(2) Now, regular readers of Sonic Breakfast  will know that I’m an avid fan of festival-going. I’ve never been to a festival in the States (indeed, I’ve never been to the States) but if I was going to head out there’s a lot to admire in the Hardly Strictly Festival. Buckwheat Zydeco played this free festival in San Francisco in 2014 – just look at the line-up. 2017’s addition had similar quality throughout if intelligent Americana is your thing. 

(3) Let’s pick out a quote from Buckwheat’s catalogue. “If you want to get respect, you’ve got to give respect,” Dural told World Cafehost David Dye in 2009. “You got to be positive. You can’t have no like positive-negative, positive-negative … It’s not like a car battery.” That’s a pretty decent way to approach life I’d say, even if it’s cut ridiculously short.


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