PleasePrettyLea – Birthday Card

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned‘ is a phrase that’s been around for donkey’s years. The etymology of the phrase can be traced back to the late 17th century where its commonly attributed to playwright, William Congreve. But the concept of the hysterical woman, crazy in love and taking rejection into her own hands won’t have been a new one for a theatre-goer who would have recognised the character traits of the mourning woman from many of their cultural reference points. 

In the latest single from PleasePrettyLea, we’re treated to a dark and delicious tale of revenge. The ‘Birthday Card’ that has been purchased for a cruel lover lays charred in a heap of ash whilst PrettyLea reflects on the path that has been taken to get to this point. Lyrically taut but graphic and explicit, Pretty Lea refers back to moments of stalking outside hotel rooms and controlling aspects of the couple’s sexual liaisons. It’s delightfully disturbing and weirdly enticing – perfect for a Sunday morning blow-out. 

Sound-wise, PleasePrettyLea appears to draw influence from a number of sources. At its core, Birthday Card is a jazzy, trip-hop upgrade; you can hear bits of Amy Winehouse in the delivery but so too Kate Bush and good, old traditional nursery rhyme. It certainly marks out PleasePrettyLea (from Bewdley, Worcestershire) as one to watch moving forward. There’s promise of other characters and manifestations before the year is out. 

And that’s made easier by the kit that PrettyLea now has. “The highlight (of the year) so far is that I now have my own home set up so I can lay down vocals from the comfort of my home.“, she says in our brief e-mail exchange. “I’m just getting ready to release my new single.

This makes Sonic Breakfast very happy. Have a great Sunday and, if it’s your birthday today, the card is in the post.

One thought on “PleasePrettyLea – Birthday Card

  1. Absolutely loved reading this! thank you so much


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