The Sonic Breakfast Top Ten 2015 – Five To One

As 2015 draws to a close, I’m reminded that I’ve kept regular readers of Sonic Breakfast hanging. It’s been over a week since I let people know what was ten through to six in my posts of the year that I was keen to revisit. I’m still to do my top 5. 

Hoping that turkey was loved and Santa bought you everything you wanted… Without further ado… 


5.OBS Unplugged – Steve Parker

Steve is still a legend in Leicester. Unlike others in this top ten, he’s released nothing since I did my blog post about him in January and appeared in no videos promoting new tracks. I expect the same level of minimal marketing intent to carry him into 2016 as well. He’s played gigs around this fine city, just his unassuming, slightly world-weary, warm voice and guitar picking. Everybody who knows him knows how great he is. Sometimes, people who have never seen Steve live before catch him playing a tune or two at pubs and festivals around town. They might even try to buy his latest CD. He rarely has anything to sell. A true gent. Younger musicians could learn much from this man.

I wrote about Steve on the back of a set I saw him play as part of the OBS unplugged showcases at Leicester’s Musician. We’re not far from another series of these fine January gigs – a fab way to begin the year and these nights never fail to unearth some pretty special talents.


4.Rope Store – Get Me Out

The weekly listening post over at Fresh On The Net often reveals new acts that I can’t help but fall in love with. When Norwich’s Rope Store apparently came out of nowhere with their fine track ‘Get Me Out’ back at the start of the year, it was clear that 2015 was going to be an interesting one for Gemma and Jason. That certainly seems to have been the case. 

Gigs in London and growing popularity in Norfolk see them end 2015 with BBC Introducing videos and a Christmas single release which again was featured on the Listening Post. ‘What’s Life All About’ is a belter of a track. I’d recommend watching Rope Store closely in 2016.



3.Peaness – Fortune Favours The Bold

 I’m not bragging about this in the slightest but I think that Sonic Breakfast was the first blog to feature Peaness. I sent this ace track across to a well connected friend in North Wales and since that point, Peaness have been taking the indie-pop scene in Wales by storm. 

 Sold out shows at Cardiff’s SWN festival and a review from Huw Stephens suggesting that Peaness were one of his highlights bode exceptionally well for 2016. With a knack for writing seemingly simple songs that surge under your skin, Peaness’s size will surely grow.



2. OBS Unplugged – Lucy Davies-Kumadiro

 Lucy’s one of the most captivating artists I have ever seen play at an OBS unplugged night. She played her first ever show at one of these nights. Her performance at Leicester’s Musician back in January was simply sublime. 

 She’s now studying at University in Nashville and, by all accounts, wowing her fellow students and those slightly wider afield with her gentle, sweet soul. I dare say it’s been a term of settling into American life. As Lucy gets more familiar with her surroundings, Tennessee will be wanting to claim her as one of their own. 

 It all makes me most excited about OBS unplugged 2016 and what talent will be on offer to see.


1. Workers In Songs – Sorry Marie

 There was never any doubt in my mind what would be the Sonic Breakfast number one post for 2015. We need to go right  back to the first day of the year and the very first video premiere that we ever had. The wonderfully deranged alt-country act from Roskilde, Workers In Songs gave me the opportunity to launch their video for ‘Sorry Marie’. I still love watching it and hearing that anguished vocal.


Over 2015, Workers In Songs have released a new EP, Scrapbook. It’s another impressive stunner. Here’s a one-take video with a song from that EP, Big Ol’ River. 

Thanks for the support for Sonic Breakfast across 2015. I’ve been lucky enough to hear some great music and to go along to some fine gigs and festivals. Looking forward to sharing more of my life in music with you next year. 






Workers In Songs – Sorry Marie – World Premiere

What better way to begin 2015 than with something brand new? Sonic Breakfast is delighted to be able to officially premiere the new video from those favourites of Danish Americana, Workers In Songs.

It’s possible that those who over-indulged last night might want to tactically delay before pressing play; if the sight of more alcohol could send you over the edge of queasiness then I post this with a word of warning. The video for ‘Sorry Marie’ charts a day in a life of excess for Workers In Songs as they stumble around Roskilde on a pub crawl; vomit, urination, fruit machines and party-poppers, this has it all. Few would doubt that here are a band well versed in those drinking days.

They might well be experts in excess but that contrasts with the core message of the song. This is a break-up tune; an apology from man to woman that he’s not able to do relationships in the way she wants. “I’m sorry Marie, I just can’t be the man you want me to be“, sings Morten Krogh in his anguished holler that I’ve previously observed “comes from an exasperated and elevated place of despair. He might have found no solace in the bottle of bourbon but that doesn’t matter because he’s now gurgling with bleach.

Crouched over the basin of a toilet, his blond beard tainted with specks of sick, Morten has now graduated to new levels of despair. Bleach gurgling was so yesterday.

Morten, himself, explains it slightly less graphically. “As a band we really like to play with contradicting elements, whether it’s in our songwriting, album covers, music videos, or the expression in our live shows. That’s why we decided to go on a raucous pub marathon through Roskilde city. That has been combined with a mainly melancholic song about an ended relationship and newfound freedom. It is the clash between the two expressions we find interesting. A bunch of fools with a beer in their hand spend 12-14 hours in pubs around Roskilde city – combined with a frustrated song about a relationship that broke”.

There’s little more to say but to urge you to press play if you think your constitution can handle it. Press ‘play’ to begin 2015, to relive last nights excesses and to resolve to deal with your flaws differently this year.

Sonic Breakfast wishes you the very best of NYD’s.