Workers In Songs – Sorry Marie – World Premiere

What better way to begin 2015 than with something brand new? Sonic Breakfast is delighted to be able to officially premiere the new video from those favourites of Danish Americana, Workers In Songs.

It’s possible that those who over-indulged last night might want to tactically delay before pressing play; if the sight of more alcohol could send you over the edge of queasiness then I post this with a word of warning. The video for ‘Sorry Marie’ charts a day in a life of excess for Workers In Songs as they stumble around Roskilde on a pub crawl; vomit, urination, fruit machines and party-poppers, this has it all. Few would doubt that here are a band well versed in those drinking days.

They might well be experts in excess but that contrasts with the core message of the song. This is a break-up tune; an apology from man to woman that he’s not able to do relationships in the way she wants. “I’m sorry Marie, I just can’t be the man you want me to be“, sings Morten Krogh in his anguished holler that I’ve previously observed “comes from an exasperated and elevated place of despair. He might have found no solace in the bottle of bourbon but that doesn’t matter because he’s now gurgling with bleach.

Crouched over the basin of a toilet, his blond beard tainted with specks of sick, Morten has now graduated to new levels of despair. Bleach gurgling was so yesterday.

Morten, himself, explains it slightly less graphically. “As a band we really like to play with contradicting elements, whether it’s in our songwriting, album covers, music videos, or the expression in our live shows. That’s why we decided to go on a raucous pub marathon through Roskilde city. That has been combined with a mainly melancholic song about an ended relationship and newfound freedom. It is the clash between the two expressions we find interesting. A bunch of fools with a beer in their hand spend 12-14 hours in pubs around Roskilde city – combined with a frustrated song about a relationship that broke”.

There’s little more to say but to urge you to press play if you think your constitution can handle it. Press ‘play’ to begin 2015, to relive last nights excesses and to resolve to deal with your flaws differently this year.

Sonic Breakfast wishes you the very best of NYD’s.

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