The Young ‘Uns – Be The Man

It’s been four years since I first saw The Young ‘Uns play live at Musicport up in Whitby. I recall that their set was a real highlight of the festival, something I captured in my EFestivals review (here).

 I said:

 “Saturday afternoon and I take a chance in the theatre with The Young ‘Uns from Teeside. The programme simply tells me that these are ‘one of the most sought after folk acts today’ and that they bring ‘abiding enthusiasm for traditional song’. Those familiar with the ‘translate the programme’ game we often play at festivals would suspect slim pickings from this description. This could well translate as ‘Once played Cockles and Mussels to rapturous applause at a folk club in Durham’. But, this set is a lesson in sometimes going with the flow. Sometimes acapella, sometimes with accompaniment from accordion and guitar, this trio of twenty-something men banter so effortlessly on stage that the captive audience are dragged into their jolly world. Songs about political struggles of yesteryear mix in with emotive tales of love to ensure that, by the end of their set, the audience are standing on their seats demanding more. Folking great.”

(Click on page 2 to read about fantastic new work by the Young ‘Uns)

Constellations – The Moulettes

I can’t quite remember how many times now that I’ve seen The Moulettes live. It might be three. It might even be four. I’m something of a sucker for folk with a twist, intelligent orchestral folk, dark folk and vivid harmonies. 

The last time I saw The Moulettes live was in October in Whitby. It was a mid-afternoon at the cracking Musicport festival and I was a bit hungover from the night before. I reviewed the festival for eFestivals here. I could have said so much more about their performance on that day. It was definitely a highlight. 

Today, I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on an advance copy of the Moulettes new album. Constellations, their third album, is not being officially released until early June. I’ve found time, whilst at work, to grab a couple of cheeky listens and I’m impressed by what I’ve heard. There’s a lot going on it and a host of guest contributions (Blaine Harrison from The Mystery Jets, Arthur Brown and The Unthanks in particular). In good time, I plan to review it in more detail but suffice to say, my initial reflection is that Constellations could be a record to transport The Moulettes into another orbit. Their star will be in the ascendancy this summer. (I am now entertaining myself with more cosmology related puns – my life is sad).

Here’s the lead track from the album. Doesn’t it shine bright?