The Sonic Breakfast Top Ten – 2016

(2) Ladies – Pretty In My Heart

 Like Louis at number 3, Ladies are a Liverpool based band. But I first met them when they played in Leicester. In previous years, there’s always been a few Leicester based posts that have made my top ten but 2016 is different. This is perhaps odd when you consider how exciting it has largely been to live in Leicester this year.

 Anyway, I digress. I’m delighted that Ladies have made it to number two in my chart. A drunken afternoon and evening in Liverpool, when the Labour Party conference was in full flow, ensured I was able to catch up (again) with the charming and confident Chas, singer with this fine band. He was able to tell me then about future plans and how much he had fallen in love with Liverpool. It’s an easy thing to do. Ladies run a regular night at Lennons on Mathew Street and it just so happens that I’m heading there tonight. I’d already decided chart positions before I knew this. But, I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ve grown as a band.


Which leads to Sonic Breakfast’s number one for the year…..


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