The Sonic Breakfast Top Ten – 2016

(3) Louis Berry & a scathing review of St. Raymond


I’m less proud of this post. It sparked off my one and only twitter row of the year. I’m sure that Callum (St Raymond) is a cracking chap but my review of his gig in Leicester was an honest reflection. Trouble is that Callum got his Twitter hordes onto me and I had to lay low to avoid all sorts of abuse. His Mum even joined in which is both lovely and a little bit sad. It did make me chuckle though. St Raymond is apparently recording a new album. I wish Callum all the best.


I also wrote about Louis Berry in that post but with much more praise. The Scouse lad and his band have worked incredibly hard this year and, with the release of ‘Restless’ have been getting playlisted airplay from Radio 1 and others. I saw him over the summer playing a small tent at the great Beat-Herder festival. He’s unlikely to be playing many small tents in 2017.



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