The Sonic Breakfast Top Ten – 2016

(4) The Liminanas – Garden Of Love


Sometimes, blogging can lead to the unlikeliest of joys. I don’t do it for the hits or re-tweets but every now and then something happens that makes you go ‘wow’. It had been quite a few years since I’d seen ‘Dig’ at my local arty cinema but the image of Anton Newcombe leading the Brian Jonestown Massacre into all sorts of scrapes was one that had stuck in my head. He’s something of a hero so when, out of the blue, he retweeted my post about The Liminanas, I was smiling for hours. 

 Recent news suggests that Anton has been recording with the brilliant Liminanas in Berlin. We’ll all look forward to the fruits of that labour. But for now, after a fab year for the Liminanas (I’ve seen the album Malamore listed in a number of best of lists), I’ll feature a charming, summery animated video from that album – the cracking ‘Le Beach’.



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